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My Pet Rat Enrichment Oil is made from all natural ingredients. It will help promote healthy grooming habits amongst your mischief. It is also a great tool for a variety of enrichment activities.



Cold-Pressed Flaxseed Oil - Can aid hair regrowth, keep coats shiny and skin nourished.

Eight Options of Added Extracts Available:

Calendula Oil - Can promote good digestion and wound healing.

Chamomile - May soothe skin irritation, promote wound healing and has calming properties.

Dandelion - Can act as an antioxidant to support wound healing and tissue repair.

Ginger and Rooibos - May ease gastro-intestinal upset and promote good digestion.

Ginger and Turmeric - Can aid the immune system.

Hibiscus - Can be supportive of overall heart and liver health.

Milk Thistle - Can promote good skin, liver and bone health.

Peppermint - Can help sooth sore muscles. The scent can also aid in reducing stress.

Rooibos - Can help relieve the symptoms of wheezing and allergies by working as a bronchodilator.
Turmeric - Can have anti-inflammatory effects.

Vanilla - The scent of vanilla may have a calming effect.


50ml bottle


Uses: Apply a small amount on the back of your pet rat/your finger/a toy etc for your ratties to groom and lick off and enjoy. Can be used for trust training with new ratties too by offering a little on a spoon or your finger every time you interact with them.

My Pet Rat Enrichment Oil

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