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reTail was created by passionate individuals with a deep love for exotic pets. We want to share the beauty of these beings' hearts, by creating products that celebrate them.


Our Values

Our vision is to supply various types of merchandise that display the whimsy, intelligence, care and joy of our tiny pets. We also aim to support other small businesses in creating our products and to collaborate with artists to form unique and special designs.

We want to give the exotic pet community a way to celebrate and display their love for their pets. We also want our products to invite more people to the world of exotic pets and help break the negative stereotypes that exist about them.

We look forward to our continued journey together and to the discovery of new and exciting ways to share this passion of ours.

The Team

Camilla Crewe

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Camilla is an experienced finder of things and maker of crafts. She used to work in the film industry as a buyer, where she was often required to track down unusual and hard-to-find products. This left her with a special skillset of being able to source and make distinctive products without compromising on quality.

After joining the family business, Camilla missed having a creative outlet, so she started a small side business called Fadley Finds It. She named her business after one of her heart rats who also enjoyed finding things.

Camilla is still a proud rat mom and Fadley's legacy is carried in all the rat siblings that have come since him. They offer Camilla support and inspiration in her endeavours.

Camilla's role at reTail is: Production Manager, Distribution of Orders, Finder of things, Administration and she is part of the Design Team.

Brenda Snyman

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Brenda is a Social Media Marketer and Product & Animal Photographer by trade. She is also a self-confessed rat enthusiast. She has been active in the rat community for many years now; as a rescuer, a foster, a behaviourist, a rat sitter and an adopter.

Brenda has a special talent for capturing the various personalities and unique beauty of exotic pets with her camera. She shares the journey of her own rat mischief through photos on her Instagram, where she has quickly found an appreciative and supportive audience.

Brenda also spends a lot of her time on Rare Collections with her brother. Rare Collections is a niche company dealing in fine collectables that consist of mostly rare books and prints. Naturally she's always on the look out for any rat-themed finds.

Brenda's role at reTail is: Marketing & Advertising, Photography, Assisting in Administrative Duties and she is part of the Design Team.

Sarah Oxley

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Sarah is a qualified and SAVC registered Veterinary Physiotherapist. She treats a wide range of animals including horses, dogs, cats and various exotic pet species. Sarah is also a dedicated pet owner to rats, a dog and a special needs cat. Sarah often volunteers her time to various rescue organisations, believing all animals deserve the same compassion.

Early in her career Sarah noticed the lack of vet physio support available to exotic pets, and the huge need for it. She has since dedicated her time to treating these often-overlooked pets.

Sarah's connection and ties in both the veterinary and pet-owner communities gives her a unique vantage point for seeing customers' needs, wants and likes.

Sarah's role at reTail is: Selling and marketing products through her Vet Physio Practice and lending her creative hand to designs and projects.

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