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Support A Rescue


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Part of our mission is to support local exotic pet rescues. This section of the website is dedicated to that goal.


Firstly, we are selling special edition reTail items as a means of fundraising for Little Big Hearts Rescue. We will also be accepting donations from businesses or individuals to sell here for fundraising purposes. Full profits of each item will go to the chosen rescue at the end of every month. Unless otherwise stated on the item.


Secondly we will be donating R25 for every sale of our Veterinary Pet Record Books from our Website to Rat Angels Rescue. (NPC 2022/552028/08)

How do I donate an item to sell for this initiative?

Please contact us on with the details of the item you would like to sponsor. Thank you.

Which rescues are currently on your list?

Currently we are Supporting Little Big Hearts Rescue and Rat Angels Rescue.

Little Big Hearts Rescue is a Cape Town-based rescue that focuses on supporting and rehabilitating rodent wildlife.

Rat Angels Rescue is a Randburg-based Rescue that focuses on the fostering and re-homing of pet rats and other small rodents.

Why aren't you supporting more rescues?

Although we are very keen to support exotic pet rescues, we are still a new small business ourselves. So our aim is to increase the number of rescues we support in due time. For now as we grow ourselves we can only focus on a few. Once we are able to donate more of our time and resources, we will certainly do so.

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