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Cupcakes with a fun twist. Fill your cupcake with the included delicious yogi drops.


Directions: Wrap each of the yogi drops with some toilet paper or tissue paper and stuff them into the cupcake for an exciting and fun enrichment activity for your rats.


Ingredients - Yogi drops: Vitapol mix drops. Vegetable oil, sugar, dries whey, skimmed dried m ilk, maltodextrin, dries raspberry powder, dehulled peanuts (ground) (0.22%). Product contains colorants and EU regulated additives. Enriched with yoghurt, honey, nuts, vitamins and minerals strengthening the bones. Use in small doses.


Please note our cupcakes are handmade and all different. Random colours will be sent on orders. If you have a special request of a colour theme we will do our best to give you what you want but can't guarantee special colour sets since all shapes are made in advance. Regardless of the colour your rats are going to have so much fun destroying them!


Also Note: Most of our Enrichment Items are made to order to ensure freshest treats and ingredients. This means there might be a slight wait while we prepare your order for you but we endeavour to fulfill orders as fast as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Ratty Cupcake Surprise

SKU: EP08a
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